Facility Use-St. James United Church

Facility Use-St. James United Church

Facility Use

Facility Use
Policy and Guidelines for the Use of St. James United Church Facilities

Use of Facilities

The facilities of St. James United Church are available to all supporting/active members and adherents of the congregation and community, subject to availability.  All facilities are booked through the office, preferably in writing on the form provided by the office, but in extenuating circumstances, arrangements may be made by telephone. The completion of the booking form and the payment of booking fees do not guarantee the acceptance of the booking. The Resource Team reserves the right, on behalf of St. James United Church, to refuse the request for facility use in cases deemed unsuitable for our church premises.

Community groups such as Brownies, Guides, Cubs, and Scouts are required to book the facilities on a seasonal basis. These groups should request a booking form from the office, which must be completely filled out, and accompanied with the proper Insurance Certificates and the required facilities booking fees.

Funeral and Memorial services for members and adherents of the congregation will take precedence over all bookings. Our minister or designate must be in attendance as one of the officiating clergy at all funerals and memorial services held in St. James United Church facilities, and is paid in accordance with the accompanying fee structure.  For weddings, see Marriage Policy.

Use of Kitchen and Kitchen Supplies

Use of the kitchen and supplies therein (dishes, cutlery, & etc.) are included in request. If you use these supplies, you are responsible for their cleanup.

Maintenance and Cleaning of St. James United Church Facilities

Except when you pay a caretaking fee, it is the responsibility of the group using the facility to ensure that it is clean after your function, and that all taps are turned off and that all toilet facilities are left in a flushed condition and the water has stopped flowing through the toilets. This facility cleaning includes sweeping the floors, damp mopping as required, vacuuming carpeted areas used, and returning all tables and chairs to their original location. All garbage (bags, boxes, etc.) must be removed from the facility and taken to the outside receptacle.

Use of Equipment and Furnishings

No equipment or furnishings are to be removed from the building without proper authorization from the Resource Team Leader.

Access to AV System, Pianos, Organ, & Chair Lift

The use of all AV equipment, pianos, organ, and chair lift are not included in the booking of the facility, unless an approved sound technician, church pianist, organist, or chair lift operator from the church is in attendance and paid to operate the equipment.
Alterations to the Church

Under no circumstances are there to be any changes made to the facility without prior authorization from the Resource Team.