Staff-St. James United Church



Meet the people who are happy to serve you at St. James United Church. It is with the dedication of our staff and volunteers that our church continues to be a welcoming centre in this community.
Patricia James - St. James United Church Designated Lay Minister
Hello, and welcome to our website! I hope that you can find what you are looking for, because there is a lot to see!
Worship at St. James is filled with the Word of God in contemporary and traditional styles. I continue to get excited when new ideas are introduced into worship and are well received by the congregation; when I come away from a pastoral care visit and leave knowing that Christ was a part of the care; or when new outreach programs are tried and supported by the church family and their friends. When I work on my Sunday service, I look forward to new insights as I put together the elements that support the weekly reflection. It is rewarding to see generations of families attend, and the congregation grow with young and not-so-young people and families. Won't you come and join us?
Karen Kelly - Organist, Pianist and Choir Director
Karenís love of music is evident in all she does. Whether leading the choir in a favourite anthem or playing a piece on the piano before the service begins, Karen brings her joy in music to the congregation. Karen may be contacted at:
Heather Thompson - Office Administrator